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SDL 发布 TRADOS 7.1 和 SDLX 2005.1 [英]
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SDL 发布 TRADOS 7.1 和 SDLX 2005.1 [英]
发布时间: 2005-12-19 8:55:00 文章来源:Multilingual Computing - Dec 13, 2005 【原文地址】

SDL releases TRADOS 7.1 and SDLX 2005.1

SDL International, a global information management (GIM) solutions provider, has announced the first interoperability versions of its translation memory (TM) products, SDL TRADOS 7.1 and SDLX 2005.1. Extensive interoperability features include support for SDLX's native ITD Translation Format in SDL TRADOS 7.1. This allows for connectivity to and integration with SDL Translation Management System.

SDLX 2005.1 has improved support for SDL TRADOS TTX files. Both it and SLD TRADOS 7.1 have been enhanced to improve TM exchange using the industry-standard TMX format. With the integration of SDL MultiTerm into SDLX 2005.1, all users can work from the same centralized termbase, and, for the first time, SDLX 2005.1 users can search terms via fuzzy-matching. SDL TRADOS 7.1 provides automated terminology checks, which ensure correct terminology usage in source and translated material, and the ability to add comments against a TM segment, which improves collaboration in the translation review process.

SDL TRADOS 7.1 now supports InDesign CS2, Quark Express for Mac, Java Properties and Generic Delimited Text files. SDLX 2005.1 users benefit from new file filters that include SDL TRADOS Word filter, InDesign CS2 and support for .NET formats. Both SDL TRADOS 7.1 and SDLX 2005.1 are available free, for a limited time period, to any customer who purchased a license of SDL TRADOS 7 or SDLX 2005.

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