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Welocalize 完成对 M Enterprises的合并[英]
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Welocalize 完成对 M² Enterprises的合并[英]
发布时间: 2006-6-19 9:03:00 文章来源:Multilingual Computing - June 14,2006 【原文地址】 Welocalize, a provider of software localization and testing services, and M² Enterprises, a provider of multimedia and publishing translation services, have merged their operations to create a global, integrated team with combined expertise across a wider range of locations, industries and services. The combined company will operate under the Welocalize name and brand. The M² Enterprises operations team will move from its Montgomery Village, Maryland, office to the Welocalize headquarters in Frederick, Maryland. E. Smith Yewell will continue to serve as president and CEO; Andre Pellet will serve as vice president. The merger expands the multimedia and publishing division of Welocalize with professional sound studios in Maryland and Oregon that offer capabilities in over 40 languages for dubbing, voice-over, video narration, Flash localization and a variety of publishing formats. The language services division is also expanded, with an increased number of professional linguists employed throughout the company.