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Multilizer 改进支持 .NET 2.0 [英]
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Multilizer 改进支持 .NET 2.0 [英]
发布时间: 2006-3-14 9:22:00 文章来源:Multilingual Computing - March 7, 2006 【原文地址】 Multilizer improves its support for .NET 2.0
Multilizer, a developer of globalization technologies, has improved its support for .NET 2.0. With support for Visual Studio 2005 project and solution files, it is designed to simplify localization and save users' time when localizing .NET projects. Instead of picking all ResX files separately, the user now only points to the .NET project/solution file and Multilizer parses all localizable data from all ResX files in the project. Multilizer picks the strings (and form layouts) to translate from the ResX files, helps in translation and writes translations back to localized ResX files. Visual Form Editors help in localizing the form views.