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Lionbridge Freeway 开门红 [英]
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Lionbridge Freeway 开门红 [英]
发布时间: 2006-7-20 8:56:00 文章来源:Byte Level Research, July 20, 2006

Lionbridge issued a press release today on the growth of its new Web-based translation memory (TM) application, Logoport. Here are some notable stats:

  • The volume of words managed by Logoport has more than doubled since its launch two months ago.
  • Exactly how many words is that? Lionbridge says Logoport is nearing one billion words.
  • Logoport supports more than 1,000 unique daily users and more than 40-million database queries per hour.
  • One client is seeing an additional 5% to 10% reuse rate thanks to Logoport because it is now leveraging more than 150 separate TMs.

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